Feb 2, 2012

Juvêncio emotions test !!!

The rigging process is done, so its only missing the final textures (BTW this is a very rough place holder texturure I'm using in this one).

Can't wait to do some animations... he is definetly a funny guy to work with.

Cheers !

3d fight animation !

pt - Aumente a janela do video para melhor visualizar os detalhes.
en - Enlarge this video screen for a better compreension of the whole scene.

Dec 14, 2011

Nov 14, 2011

Juvêncio 3D !!!

Wow he coming to life guys... as soon I have some animation I'll post.

Take care !

Oct 25, 2011

Chubby Cycle

I did just the animation. 3d model by the super mentor Kyle Balda.
Done in 2010 during the Gobelins Summer School.

Enjoy !

Oct 24, 2011

Dia Mundial de Lavar as Mão 2011 !!!

Lifeubuoy/Unilever ad for the World's day for washing hands.
I animate the last cuple scenes (the one with a green hand familly and the one with a bucket).
The begining scenes were done by Paulo Curumbim, a great artist ! 

Enjoy It !

Oct 18, 2011

facing a legend !!!

... inpiration from a random internet photo.

Aug 26, 2011

Les Filles !

A few girl sketches...

enjoy it !

Jul 6, 2011

Give me a vote, and I'll take care of your money !!!

I would say that it was a fruit from some kind of bad inspiration... the politicians
Done in TVPaint...

Cheers !

May 24, 2011

Christy and the wooden bird

TVPaint, no pencils or paper for sketch.
Enjoy... and give me your feedback

Take care you all !

Apr 2, 2011

100 years of glory, congratulations Guarani F.C. !

The greatest soccer team in Campinas-SP is turning 100 years on this april 2nd !

Parabéns a toda nação bugrina.
Juntos somos a melhor tocida do mundo !!!
Hoje é nosso dia !!!
Um time que honra o tempo que existe.

Today and Ever Guarani !
See you !

Feb 11, 2011

Basketero !!!

Another very sketchy 2d animation... what I most love in doing this, is that this all about animation ! There is not even a complicated design for the character... I just need to care on the movement... Forget about boring times... just enjoy !!!
Spent 8 hours on this...

Give me your feedback...


Feb 7, 2011

Some sketches and the final piece. This is the way I like to draw. Every time I do a very duty rough and than "tie it down", just like in tradicional animation. It's good, cause there is no need for you to get nervous about the final piece, you're always able to do adjustments and increase the concept.

Bye... and enjoy !

Dec 23, 2010

Happy Crazy Holidays !


Don't be that polite on this brand new year which is coming. Just ask for your rights !
I wish a very Happy Crazy Holidays to everyone !!!

see you guys in 2011 !!!

Dec 9, 2010

She's cosmic !

First of all I recommend you to watch it by clicking on Vimeo's logo on the video below

At the time I started, it was suppose to be only a single drawing. It wasn't. Thus , I ended up animating the whole thing with out a planing, sketch, thumbnail or even a reference, just the way it was. It took me three days to be done (I mean, only nights for sure... ahah).

Hope you guys like it, and feel free to leave your impressions about it.

Bye !

Oct 20, 2010

Juvêncio is ordering you around !!!

I can't wait to see it in a full 3d design !!!
Go go go Vilsaum !!!

Sep 12, 2010

She got the blue !

Just a sketch inspired by a blues night...

Sep 3, 2010

Happy Flirt !

Yeah, he goes for her... ahah

Aug 20, 2010

My Cintiq's debut !

It's been hard to find any time for drawing outside the office.

Enjoy it !

Apr 16, 2010

Draughtsmanship !!!

Hey ! Leave a message and keep feeding the artist !
enjoy it !

Feb 9, 2010

Short Film - Girl concepts

Just some concepts to the girl character.

Enjoy !

Feb 2, 2010

2010 OSCAR Nominated, and the world discovers Brendan !

I got so happy today when I saw which my very first feature movie as a worker had just get what it deserves. The most popular film festival, The Oscar !
As they call in US "The Sectret of Kells" is contesting with four other beatiful pictures such as: UP, The Princess and the Frog, Coraline, Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Check this out and get more information about it cliking here.

Seeeeee Ya !!!

PS: Eu quero agradecer aqui cada um que trabalhou comigo nesse filme aqui no Brasil, na Lightstar. Só nós sabemos o quanto foi dificil, o quanto trabalhamos duro pra que tudo aquilo desse certo, e sempre visando dar o maximo que pudessemos. Independente de tudo, esse filme tá lá por nossa causa também, afinal de contas boa parte dos desenhos que vemos na tela fomos nós que fizemos !!!

Parabéns: Maceió, Renato, Cintia, Renan, Jorge, Bruno Ferrari (Barra 3), Brunão, Wilson, Suemi, Cris, Denis, Paulinha, Alex, Deniel, Vasti, Jean, Marcelo... enfim, todos aqueles que daqui do Brasil fizeram com que esse filme simplesmente acontece-se para os caras de lá. Parabéns a todos !!!

Jan 21, 2010

Short Film

Hi everyone, after a long long time here I am again. In this new year I decided to start a tradicional 2D short film, actually I'm starving for it. And is such a big plasure to me share with all of you step by step of this "one man" production.
So on this very first post I put some of the steps crossed by me to get the intended design for the main character.
Feel free to comment ! Have a good enjoy time !

The final version (for while)

Asorted Designs


PS: Hope that "The Secret of Kells" get a place to Oscar Award nomination. GO BRENDAN !!!

Sep 18, 2009

I`ve gone to 11... once again

After a very long period away... I`m here again, with my latest 2d animation. This one was made to agust`s 11 second club contest, where I got 9th, that is good because there were 190 animation, by the way a lot of them were rely awsome.

So, tanks to all those who rated my animation... and see you later guys !

enjoy it...

Apr 2, 2009

Spline Doctors Contest !

I ask everyone to wach it in a better resolution clicking on the link below:
After a long time away, I'm back !
And this new 3d animation was made for Spline Doctors Contest. Firstly this is one of the best animation resourses on internet today. So, I got a lot of fun doing it. Unfortunately my computer come out on strike and I almost don't finish it.
Well, thereis no render, no beauty color, just this poor playblast. Just animation, that is what whorth !
give your feedback !
Cya, enjoy it !

Feb 13, 2009


This guy I drew on my sketch book at Av.Paulista. And than I decide to paint it.

This beauty character is Anni Hougarth, that was in the best animation ever IRON GIANT.
I animate her to my last entry on 11 sec. And this figure is the first framo of my animation that I decide to paint too.

Enjoy !!!

Feb 12, 2009

3d and 2d Reel - january 2009

Please !!! Click here to watch this video on best size !!!

And... this is the new reel !
Now with some 3d animations

I hope who you enjoy.

Cya :D

Feb 2, 2009

Tanks to 3D 4ALL community !

I want to tanks the Art web site 3D 4ALL, that chose me as "The Artist of Month" (December 2008), by my job "2d animation reel". I`m was very happy for it because in my opinion this is the most expressive art community here in Brazil.
If you want to see this stuff just click here (you must to be loged on site... if you don't have an register there meke one for free !)

Cya... and enjoy !

My beauty cousin

Just one caricature of my cousin...


Dec 19, 2008

2D Demo Reel - 2008

I recomend to see this video on better resolution click here

Yeah !!! Now I just can say that this year was fabulous to me, because too many awsome things, moments and peoples hapend. I`d like to thank my buddies that encourage me all this time. I`m very very hapy about 2008... and on this post I put my new 2d Demo, include my job on Friends Forever, an German production develloped at Lightstar Animation Studios. I love to work on it !

I wish for everyone an 2009 better than 2008 and wost than 2010. The Best Regreats to everyone and, have a good holiday and rest of the year !

So surely 2009 will be freaking amazing !!! Whoo Woo !!!

Cya... and enjoy !!!

Dec 6, 2008

No ! There is no "Santos" here !

"Má vem pra cá vocêêêê...", haha
A quick skech of this hilarious good buddy...
Enjoy it !

Oct 15, 2008


This is a digital painting (photoshop), 100% by hand, no filters.

Face close

Original rough

One more time a personal project right here. I know that i am one privileged guy... haha...Well, another time i intend show around how is my workflow to do it, but by now i am very snooze...zzzzz

so...enjoy ! By

Oct 6, 2008

Sport boy !

If you want to see this video on better resolution click on the link: http://vimeo.com/1897473

Hy everyone. Here is my brand new animation. I spended 1 week work on this 2d classic animation. To all movements of sport i got video refereces, waht was great to the final animation look.

Actually it is just a little scene of an animation that was develloped to one charity institution. Was wonderful do this because i know how important this project will be to ever disadvantaged children there.

I hope you enjoy...See you soon !

Sep 19, 2008

Leparkour !

Another day i was waching some videos on You Tube and i found one incredible guy that his name is David Belle, he practice an sport called Leparkour (France). This spor is the most one insane thing that I`ve saw... than it ispired me and i decided make up an animation about this loony men ! An 3d animation with a generical character (*the lowmax rig was created by Peter Starostin )

So... enjoy !

Sep 16, 2008

Old man

Pencil with Digital paint.
As my friend Tiago said "sketch to refresh".
On the next post I wish show you my last animation... 3D lol !!!

So... enjoy !

Sep 6, 2008

He is alive !

This is my last 2d animation. I got the 4th place with this one on 11 second club agust contest (www.11secondclub.com). Well, tks for the all peopple that give me some feed back... it was prety great for me.

So... enjoy !

Sep 2, 2008

Hi everyone. Here we go !

My brand new "blogfolio" stars with this cuban dude. Actually it is a character concept that I create to my agust animation on 11 second club. So, welcome everyone and enjoy !

Se ya !