Feb 13, 2009


This guy I drew on my sketch book at Av.Paulista. And than I decide to paint it.

This beauty character is Anni Hougarth, that was in the best animation ever IRON GIANT.
I animate her to my last entry on 11 sec. And this figure is the first framo of my animation that I decide to paint too.

Enjoy !!!

Feb 12, 2009

3d and 2d Reel - january 2009

Please !!! Click here to watch this video on best size !!!

And... this is the new reel !
Now with some 3d animations

I hope who you enjoy.

Cya :D

Feb 2, 2009

Tanks to 3D 4ALL community !

I want to tanks the Art web site 3D 4ALL, that chose me as "The Artist of Month" (December 2008), by my job "2d animation reel". I`m was very happy for it because in my opinion this is the most expressive art community here in Brazil.
If you want to see this stuff just click here (you must to be loged on site... if you don't have an register there meke one for free !)

Cya... and enjoy !

My beauty cousin

Just one caricature of my cousin...