Dec 19, 2008

2D Demo Reel - 2008

I recomend to see this video on better resolution click here

Yeah !!! Now I just can say that this year was fabulous to me, because too many awsome things, moments and peoples hapend. I`d like to thank my buddies that encourage me all this time. I`m very very hapy about 2008... and on this post I put my new 2d Demo, include my job on Friends Forever, an German production develloped at Lightstar Animation Studios. I love to work on it !

I wish for everyone an 2009 better than 2008 and wost than 2010. The Best Regreats to everyone and, have a good holiday and rest of the year !

So surely 2009 will be freaking amazing !!! Whoo Woo !!!

Cya... and enjoy !!!

Dec 6, 2008

No ! There is no "Santos" here !

"Má vem pra cá vocêêêê...", haha
A quick skech of this hilarious good buddy...
Enjoy it !