Sep 19, 2008

Leparkour !

Another day i was waching some videos on You Tube and i found one incredible guy that his name is David Belle, he practice an sport called Leparkour (France). This spor is the most one insane thing that I`ve saw... than it ispired me and i decided make up an animation about this loony men ! An 3d animation with a generical character (*the lowmax rig was created by Peter Starostin )

So... enjoy !

Sep 16, 2008

Old man

Pencil with Digital paint.
As my friend Tiago said "sketch to refresh".
On the next post I wish show you my last animation... 3D lol !!!

So... enjoy !

Sep 6, 2008

He is alive !

This is my last 2d animation. I got the 4th place with this one on 11 second club agust contest ( Well, tks for the all peopple that give me some feed back... it was prety great for me.

So... enjoy !

Sep 2, 2008

Hi everyone. Here we go !

My brand new "blogfolio" stars with this cuban dude. Actually it is a character concept that I create to my agust animation on 11 second club. So, welcome everyone and enjoy !

Se ya !