Dec 19, 2008

2D Demo Reel - 2008

I recomend to see this video on better resolution click here

Yeah !!! Now I just can say that this year was fabulous to me, because too many awsome things, moments and peoples hapend. I`d like to thank my buddies that encourage me all this time. I`m very very hapy about 2008... and on this post I put my new 2d Demo, include my job on Friends Forever, an German production develloped at Lightstar Animation Studios. I love to work on it !

I wish for everyone an 2009 better than 2008 and wost than 2010. The Best Regreats to everyone and, have a good holiday and rest of the year !

So surely 2009 will be freaking amazing !!! Whoo Woo !!!

Cya... and enjoy !!!


NeoDragonfly said...

Muito bom cara!


avelino said...

não preicso nem dizer muito!!!!! Parabéns pelo trabalho!! vc vai longe!!!!!! abrs! sucesso!
vou aDD vc no meu link!Abrção!

Tiago Rovida said...

Eta cara bommmm!!!
Abração, te cuida e manda noticia feroz