Oct 6, 2008

Sport boy !

If you want to see this video on better resolution click on the link: http://vimeo.com/1897473

Hy everyone. Here is my brand new animation. I spended 1 week work on this 2d classic animation. To all movements of sport i got video refereces, waht was great to the final animation look.

Actually it is just a little scene of an animation that was develloped to one charity institution. Was wonderful do this because i know how important this project will be to ever disadvantaged children there.

I hope you enjoy...See you soon !


Luke Randall said...

Great stuff Bruno!

keep the 2d comin

Ivan Oviedo said...

E ai Bruno, Valeu pelos elogios cara.
Cara, Suas animações são bem legais, parabens.

Fabio Eijhi said...

Opa Bruno, valew cara. Curti muito essa animação cara! Parabéns! Abraço